Concrete Footings & Walls

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The foundation is the cornerstone of your new house, garage, or commercial property, ensuring they stand strong for years to come. It’s crucial to partner with the best concrete foundation company when it’s time to lay those new footings. Besides crafting new foundations, you’ll discover that adept foundation and concrete contractors like us provide a variety of other services, including foundation repairs and waterproofing, to keep your structures robust and resilient against the elements.

As the leading new construction foundation contractors in Bismarck, American Resurfacing Inc. brings over three decades of hands-on experience in a vast array of concrete masonry and construction projects. Our in-depth understanding of the Bismarck area’s geology sets us apart, ensuring a solid foundation tailored to the local conditions. Ready to lay the groundwork for your new concrete foundation? Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation today.

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